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Tqm Syllabus

Division OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ST JOSEPH’S PG COLLEGE UNIT PLANNER NAME OF THE LECTURER: K. Srivani CLASS: MBA II YEAR I SEMESTER SUBJECT: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT UNIT I:TQM HISTORY and EVOLUTION TOPIC |CONTENT |BOOK CHAPTER and PAGE NUMBERS |NO OF HOURS |TEACHING METHODOLOGIES/AIDS | |Connotations of Quality|Definitions |Total Quality Management: Dale Besterfield â€Pages |2 |Lecture Method; Brainstorming/Quiz | |Awareness |13-20 | |Teaching Aid â€PPT-Intro | |Quality Framework | |Quality Equation Q=P/E | |Dimensions of Quality |Product-Garvin’s Nine Dimensions Features; Conformance |Total Quality Management: Dale Besterfield â€Pages |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |etc. |21-27 | |Services: The P-C-P Model | |Peripheral-Core-Pivotal Characteristics Model. |TQM in the Service Sector: R P Mohanty Pages 59-60 | |and 82-84 | |The Concept of TQM and |Brief History |Total Quality Management: Dale Besterfield â€Pages |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Evolution of TQM |Old and New Cultures |15-17 and 21-22 | |The Story of Gurus from Shehwart,- Deming to Ishikawa | |Modern Systems/Six sigma | |TQM Fundamentals | |Inspection, SQC, QA and |The assessment Era |Total Quality Management: Dale Besterfield â€Pages 21|2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |TQM Conventional QM |The Statistical QC â€Techniques |expanded to second and third sections â€summary; | |Cases and Examples with references of TQM |/TQM |Reactive Approach |General Quality references, Industry Practices | |exemplary Organizations | |Prevention of Defects | |Proactive Approach | |Quality Assurance and TQM | |QM and TQM | |Customer Supplier focus|Customer Definition |Total Quality Management: Dale Besterfield â€expanded|2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |in QM Internal outside Customer |to second , third and fourth sections â€summary; | |Cases and Examples with references of TQM | |Benefits and Costs â€TQM|Supplier association |General Quality references, Industry Pra ctices | |exemplary Organizations | |Historical Perspectives|Vendor Management |Ch 7 for Costs Chapter 1 for Benefits and Obstacles | |Benefits | |Costs | |Inspection Era | |QC Era to Q An Era | |Modern Dimensions | |Quality System Awards &|System Concepts |Total Quality Management: Dale Besterfield â€expanded|3 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Guidelines |Quality frameworks |to seventh part Pages 203-218; | |Cases and Examples with references of TQM | |MBNQA-ISO †EFQM |QMSISO 9000-14000-EMS |10th Chapter Summary | |exemplary Organizations | |Malcolm Balridge-Criteria |EFQM-Downloads | |EFQM Model |General Quality references, Industry Practices | |ISO Audit | UNIT II: TOOLS OF TQM TOPIC |CONTENT |BOOK CHAPTER and PAGE NUMBERS |NO OF HOURS |TEACHING METHODOLOGIES/AIDS | |Measurement Tools |Check Sheets |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 5 pages-64-73 |2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Histograms |All are secured against Purpose, When to Use, How to | |Cases and Exampl es | |Run Charts |Use, Basic Steps-Final considerations Pitfalls if any | |PracticalIndustry models are likewise taken for| | |Scatter Diagrams | |class room demo/show | |Cause and Effect Diagram | |Measurement Tools |Pareto Analysis |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 5 pages-76-84 |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |continued |Process Capability Measurement. | |Cases and Examples | |Analytical Tools |Process Mapping |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 6-pages-88-103|2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Regression Analysis | |Cases and Examples | |RU/CS Analysis Five Whys | |OEE | |Improvement Tools |Kaizen |100 Methods for TQM :Gopal Kanji and Asher |2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |JIT-Quality Circles |various-particular pages for the recorded strategy | |Cases and Examples | |Force Field Analysis | |Student introduction | |Five ‘y†s | |Control Tools |Gantt Chart |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 8-|2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Network Diagram |pages-1 36-141 | |Cases and Examples | |Radar Chart; PDCA | |Milestone Tracker | |Earned esteem the executives | UNIT III: TECHNIQUES OF TQM |TOPIC |CONTENT |BOOK CHAPTER and PAGE NUMBERS |NO OF HOURS |TEACHING METHODOLOGIES/AIDS | |QuantitativeTechniques|Failure Mode Effect Analysis |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 9-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Definition; likelihood of disappointment estimation; |pages-148-151 | |Cases and Examples | |Reliability Index; |TQM Besterfield Ch 14 outline | |All are secured against Purpose, When to Use,| | |Formula â€example | |How to Use, Basic Steps-Final musings | |Pitfalls if any | |Quantitative Techniques|Statistical Process Control |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 9-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |SPC Category, Mean, Standard Deviation, |pages-152-156 | |Cases and Examples | |USL;LSL-Controls | |Quantitative Techniques|Quality Function Deployment - QFD |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 9-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Capturing Customer Expectations; House of Quality |pages-157-162 | |Cases and Examples | |Matrix |TQM Besterfield-Ch 12 †synopsis | |Quantitative Techniques|Design of Experiments |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 9-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |DOE †Interrogating the Process, Fisher and Taguchi |pages-162-168 | |Cases and Examples | approach |TQM Besterfield â€Ch 19 | |Quantitative Techniques|Monte Carlo Technique |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 9-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |MCT †Random Walk |pages-179-185 | |Cases and Examples | |Random Number Generation | |Qualitative Techniques |Benchmarking |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 10-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Internal, serious, Functional, setting principles |pages-179-185 | |Cases and Examples | |world class |TQM-Besterfield-Ch 8 | |Qualitative Techniques |Balanced Score Card |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 10-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Kaplan Norton model |pa ges-190-196 | |Cases and Examples | |Framework-vital Objectives to KPI | |Qualitative Techniques |Sales and Operations Planning |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 10-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |MRP II ideas Master Prod plan |pages-203-207 | |Cases and Examples | |Qualitative Techniques |Kanban and Activity Based Costing |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 10-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | pages-203-207 | |Cases and Examples | |Taguchi’s Methods |Quality Loss Function |Total Quality Management: Dale Besterfield †Chapter|2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Orthogonal Arrays |20 page 573-629 | |Cases and Examples | |Signal to Noise Ratio | |Nominal, Target, littler Larger the Best, | |Parameter Design, Tolerance Design | UNIT IV: SIX SIGMA TOPIC |CONTENT |BOOK CHAPTER and PAGE NUMBERS |NO OF HOURS |TEACHING METHODOLOGIES/AIDS | |The Concept of Six Sigma |Six Sigma measurable Significance |Greg Brue: Six Sigma for Managers |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | | Focussed system | |Cases and Examples | |Objectives of Six Sigma; |Defect Free; Lean SS |Greg Brue: Six Sigma for Managers |2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |framework of Six Sigma |Across all Functions | |Cases and Examples | |Performance Based | |Six Sigma Organization |Model of Organization |Greg Brue: Six Sigma for Managers |2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Roles and Responsibilities |Role Clarity-types | |Cases and Examples | |Cost/Benefits |Cost, Benefits Optimization | |Effective Methodology | |Six Sigma Problem Solving |Methodology |Greg Brue: Six Sigma for Managers |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Approach |Example Problems | |Cases and Examples | |Cases | |DMAIC Model |Define |Implementing Quality: Ron Basu Chapter 9-|1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Six Sigma Metrics |Measure; investigate |pages-168-173 | |Cases and Examples | |Improve, Control | |Cost of Poor Quality(COPC)|Costs |Greg Brue: Six Sigma for Managers |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Preventive | |Cases and Examples | |Maintenance | |DPMO-first pass yield |3. 4 DPMO |Greg Brue: Six Sigma for Managers |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Interpretations | |Cases and Examples | UNIT V: TQM IN SERVICE SECTORS TOPIC |CONTENT |BOOK CHAPTER and PAGE NUMBERS |NO OF HOURS |TEACHING METHODOLOGIES/AIDS | |Implementation of TQM in |Service Quality measure |TQM in the Service Sector |2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |service Organizations |Proposal |R P Mohanty †Chapter VII Pages-246-268 | |Cases and Examples | |Proposed System | |Checklist | |Framework for improving |Gronross; servQual model, Moores model, Service |TQM in the Service Sector |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Service Quality |Journey model, PCP quality Model and so on |R P Mohanty †Chapter III Pages-63-84-Summary | |Cases and Examples | |Model to Measure Service |Parameters |TQM in the Service Sector |2 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Quality |Analogy |R P Mohanty †Chapter VI Pages-205-214-Summary | |Cases and Ex amples | estimation | |TQM in Health Care Services|Case Study |TQM in the Service Sector |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Model development |R P Mohanty †Chapter IX Pages-340-369-Summary | |Cases and Examples | |TQM in Hotels |Case study |TQM in the Service Sector |1 |Lecture/Discussion â€PPt | |Model Construction |R P Mohanty †Chapter VI Pages-215-233-Summary | |Cases and E

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Sympathy for the Devil Essay Example for Free

Compassion toward the Devil Essay The main thing that I saw when I heard this melody is the means by which distinctive it is from pretty much every other tune that I have heard. The instruments utilized appear to be odd for The Rolling Stones, and rock tunes when all is said in done. It begins with a blend of drums and maracas, seeming like Brazilian samba music. Typically exciting music has a 4/4 steady rhythm with a bass drum, yet this tune doesn't contain that quality. There is no mood guitar yet rather an electric bass and piano is utilized. The low pitch guitar is utilized to supplant the cadence guitar, lead guitarist Keith Richards additionally plays it, thus this may clarify this. I’m going to begin by talking about the verses of the tune and what they are about. I saw that one of the lines â€Å"every cop is a crook, and all the delinquents saints† implies that the villain isn’t that awful, and that all individuals have some demon in them. There is by all accounts disarray of good and underhandedness. The fiend is depicted as â€Å"a man of riches and taste† and gracious also by welcome utilizing â€Å"let me please present myself.† Another line, â€Å"hope you surmise my name, however what’s astounding is the idea of my game† charmed me. This line isn't the lyricist saying that I trust you surmise that its me playing the demon, it implies that the fallen angel is stating I trust you can remember me since I might be in mask and I don’t do detestable myself, I stunt individuals into doing it for me. The distinction among great and malice is a proceeding with subject all through the tune. Jesus Christ in referenced and the demon says that he â€Å"stolen numerous a keeps an eye on soul and faith.† The musician isn't contending Christian precept, he is utilizing the fiend as an image of how it functions on the planet and that we have to have our watchmen up on the grounds that malevolent will be camouflaged and may not show up as evident to us. This was dissected from the lines â€Å"I viewed with merriment, while your lords and sovereigns battled for ten decades for the divine beings they made.† Presently I will examine the music, the various segments, and how they develop all through the tune. The track starts with a beat on one drum, and afterward congas are added as accents to the last thumps of the line. Different instruments participate and it seems like a wilderness beat with Jagger yelling out of sight like a wolf, giving the impression of being in a dull wilderness. As the beat proceeds, piano is presented with a moderate arrangement of harmonies. This is when Jagger creatures by singing: â€Å"please permit me to present myself, I’m a man of riches and taste.† After the initial four lines bass beginnings and it expands on the drum blend despite everything going on out of sight. The bass drives the tune sound mad, and the bass doesn’t play a dreary riff it is by all accounts ad libbed or played arbitrarily. The principal stanza and melody end with the musician playing at an even pace, however when the subsequent section starts he begins playing quicker and increasingly unglued. The sound of the instruments coordinates the verses of the tune, singing about ousting government and the lightning war. At the third stanza we can hear foundation vocals singing toward the finish of each line. These vocals add a shocking sound to the cadenced instruments, and Jagger’s voice starts to split on each word. The fourth stanza is a guitar solo by Keith Richards and isn't generally following the beat. He goes from note to note, sliding his fingers over the strings, creating an observable sound and afterward a note is held for a few beats. The guitar speaks to the character that is depicted in the verses, flighty. After the guitar solo we hear the tune, trailed by another section and the tune once more. The entirety of the instruments are played together now and everything is by all accounts ad libbed, with no conspicuous mood. The guitar and vocals play off one another pleasantly and afterward Jagger says: â€Å"can you surmise my name?† alluding to the fiend. At long last the tune blurs away to an end. At the point when I watched a live video of The Rolling Stones playing out this melody I saw how into it the entire group was. â€Å"Sympathy For The Devil† is similar to an enemy of war hymn for individuals. The entire stage was lit up in red with lights and there was haze on the phase also to add more feeling to the tune. In 2003, The Stones discharged this as a maxi-single, with 4 renditions of the melody. The first was there, just as remixes by The Neptunes, Fatboy Slim, and Full Phatt. The modern band Laibach discharged a whole collection containing various fronts of this melody. The character and tone of the spreads are generally altogether different from the Stones’ adaptation. In the initial track the lead artist sings/yells in a profound bass voice with a thick Slavic intonation. One of their spreads contains references to the brutality at the Altamont raceway. In 1969 a fan was lethally cut during an exhibition of this tune and they didn’t play it live for a long time along these lines.

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Plan for a Rainy Day

Plan for a Rainy Day Plan for a Rainy Day Plan for a Rainy DayThere are plenty of reasons to have a designated emergency fund. But how much should someone set aside for it?Before venturing into the world of emergency fund building, a person or family must negotiate their needs versus the reality of their expenditures. That’s why when calculating what you need to successfully establish an emergency fund, it’s essential to understand that you are covering things you must pay for each month â€" expenses like rent, car payments, utilities, groceries, or other essentials that can’t be avoided. If those expenses add up to $1,500 a month, you need to establish that as a baseline for survival in a financial emergency.How much do you need in savings?OppU Answers previously covered this very topic with Katie Ross from American Consumer Credit Counseling, who suggested a three to six month savings that is equivalent to three to six months worth of wages. That amount of savings can be intimidating for many, considering nearly 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved, according to a 2018 survey of 5,000 people by GOBankingRates. Even more concerning is that many of those who said they had less than $1,000 saved actually had no savings at all.An emergency fund can be a lifesaver in unexpected situations, particularly when a job is lost and income is scarce. Credit cards can be a temporary solution to lean on, but if someone doesn’t have a job, the worst thing to do is dig a deeper debt hole.According to Business Insider:The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards teaches the following rules of thumb:If youre a single-earner household, you need a minimum of six months worth of expenses saved.If youre a double-earner household, you need a minimum of three months worth of expenses saved.If youre a single-earner household with a second source of sizable income, you need a minimum of three months worth of expenses saved.Tanza Loudenback at Business Insider goes on to say that having a target number fee ls more achievable than throwing a saved dollar or two at an unnamed amount. It’s also a great idea to jump-start an emergency fund with any bonuses, tax refunds, or other financial windfalls that come your way.Quick tips for building your fundKnowing that it can be difficult for folks to pull together a comfortable emergency fund, Ross provided three feasible options for those looking to bolster their savings. These are ways a person can start saving immediately even with just a little at a time:Take a set percentage of every paycheck and put it into savings.If you receive a tax refund, plan to put half of it into the fund immediately.If you work more than one job, put the majority of your second paycheck in savings every pay period.Last, Ross said if you’re looking to build your fund quickly, try to put away any money that doesn’t go toward expenses into the fund. That way you build up your emergency savings and you don’t blow through extra income.Loudenback on the other h and recommended her method of building savings. Instead of making your savings an option, treat it as an expense. Heres what she wrote on the matter:“I basically started to treat my savings an expense and set up direct deposits from my paycheck into a high-yield savings account at a different bank than where I keep my checking account to avoid the temptation to dip into it for a non-emergency,” she wrote. “Saving off the top meant I never had to contemplate what I was going to cut out in order to save more. I worked backwards in a sense â€" I picked a savings amount that would give me a solid emergency fund in less than two years and forced myself to live on what was left over.”Prepare while you canWhether you’ve got nothing saved or have $10,000 in the bank, it’s important to prepare for the worst-case scenarios. You never know when an emergency will strike, hence the term, so it’s better to prepare while you can for the times when the unexpected hits.

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Factors Affecting A Learning Community - 820 Words

involved in a learning community in their first semester versus those who were not, achieved higher academic excellence (Saunders, 2008). Saunders examined the learning communities by comparing the academic outcomes from the two groups (Saunders, 2008). Then, he examined the actual learning community experiences, and the impact the community had on the students (Saunders, 2008). He found that students involved in a learning community had better grades and more academic excellence then the other group (Saunders, 2008). Also, he found that those involved in a non-learning community actually faced more racial related incidents and abuse, which ultimately affected the way they performed (Saunders, 2008). Thus, using these findings from the article, one can conclude that microaggressions affects a persons well being to a degree that can affect them perform certain tasks. As the researcher found, students not part of a learning environment faced the abuse of microaggressions, which ultim ately turns the individual away from learning in general. Thus, microaggressions will effect integral parts of ones life and influence them to negatively perform on major and minor tasks. Microaggresions while they may be subtle are more prevalent in communities then one may be aware. The commonness of microaggressions regarding women is debilitating to a way a women defines herself in the community in which she resides. In the article â€Å"Women with disabilities: The cultural context ofShow MoreRelatedCultural And Social Capital Theory999 Words   |  4 Pagessocial capital theory to explore factors affecting the academic success of Chinese students in Los Angeles Community College. The results of the study indicated that the aspirations of obtaining a higher level academic degree and then transferring to a four-year college or university were considered as the best predictors of academic success for Chinese international students. Whereas, English proficiency was considered to be a weak factor and social interaction factors were not too much related to ChineseRead MoreFactors Affecting Acquisition Of English As A Second Language1026 Words   |  5 PagesNamita Sharma Research Paper Dr.Yaying Zhang Language Acquisition: Analysis of Factor Affecting Acquisition of English as a Second Language Language is the primary way to communicate, learn and express identity. Some language learners are successful by virtue of their sheer determination, hard work and diligence. However, there are other crucial factors influencing success that are largely beyond the control of learners. Second language is any language other than the learner s nativeRead MoreMajor Issues Of Special Education1683 Words   |  7 Pages Major Issues in Special Education The Special Education system is widely known throughout the United States as a helpful resource for people with learning disabilities. It is made so that all children have equal access to educational services that help them to be successful in the classroom. We have come a long way from 1975, when Special Education became mandatory due to United States Congress passing the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA) which was a result of the discriminatoryRead MoreThe Factors Affecting Community Participation Essay1445 Words   |  6 PagesFactors Affecting Community Participation in Development Activities in Rural Areas of Khyber Pakhtoon Khua, Pakistan Introduction: Globalization provides plate form for the community development workers, helping local groups move from campaign slogans to constituencies for change, linking local to regional and supranational arenas and supported by participatory form of research, policy analysis and continuous organizational learning. These are all process to which communityRead MoreThe General Context Of The Educational Technology Research1469 Words   |  6 Pagesproposal. 1.1 Introduction Most consequential learning goals are achieved over long-term periods often measured in years. In order to promote effective and efficient learning in such long-term learning scenarios, person-alization [6], [7], and self-directed learning [8]–[12] are important. The emergence of MOOCs a few years ago, has led to an upswing of interest in research issues such as these those that have long been explored by AIED and other ALT communities. AIED aims to advance â€Å"rigorous re-searchRead MoreClassroom Managment from a Teacher ´s Point of View Essay examples566 Words   |  3 Pagesclass and the dictionary, is differing from one another, or unlike. By embracing the differences amongst myself and all of my students, a more productive learning community will be established. I hope to convince my students that acceptance and tolerance of each other is not only the proper way to behave, but that it also creates many more learning opportunities. What my students have not learned a t home, or in other classrooms, I hope they will be able to learn from each other. I will reassure themRead MoreThe Study of Absenteeism, Part of a Research Essay648 Words   |  3 Pagesstudent will not report for class if he has taken leave to which he is entitled or on ground of sickness or in case of accident. Thus absence may authorize or unauthorized wilful or caused by circumstance beyond teachers control. An important factor to the success in school among children and youth is attendance. For children, particularly to those with lower socio-economic status, better attendance is related to higher academic achievement according to results of studies. From kindergarten,Read MoreHow the Environment Affects Students’ Learning Essay1281 Words   |  6 PagesHow the Environment Affects Students’ Learning By: Jessica Robinson REED 504: Processes and Acquisition of Reading Skills Professor Curbeam-Newby Recently there has been more thought put into how vital a students’ environment is as it relates to their academic success. Both community environment and physical learning environment in schools have a great deal of influence on how the students learn, handle certain situations, perceive things, and overall just how their brain processesRead MorePoverty And Its Impact On Education943 Words   |  4 PagesMany people have to fight poverty everyday and the worst thing about it is the fact that it has infiltrated our school systems. Many factors cause this higher unemployment rate and those related to education are on the top of the list. When these cities and towns enter states of poverty the schools are allotted less and less money so the aspect of education takes the backseat. Students are crippled intellectually because of the low grade resources and teachers they are given. This is happening allRead MoreFactors That Are Damage To A Childs Brain Case Study1109 Words   |   5 PagesFactors That Are Damaging to the Child’s Brain The BBC News suggests that a child’s brain becomes fully developed during the early thirties. This means that parents and guardians should be aware of their actions and what impact they have on a child’s brain. Whether a child grows up in an institute, orphanage, or house, there is still a probability that their caretakers can cause brain damage. This is an important problem in our community as well as in our country due to the fact that many do not

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Case Study Greening Of Management - 1336 Words

Chapter 11: â€Å"Greening of Management† The concept of â€Å"greening of management,† describes the actions taken by managers of all levels within organizations to align their interests with environmentally-friendly interests. More specifically, it is the practice of implementing ecosystem-friendly practices in their everyday management decisions. A prime example of â€Å"green management,† can be found through the â€Å"khaki conservation† of the United Kingdom military. The UK military has utilized â€Å"recycling (practices), waste management, energy efficiency, and conservation,† when using land spaces open to the public (Fiott 2014). The actions taken towards â€Å"greening† the military lands was a management decision in reaction to the excessive pollution created through the activities of the military, in addition to the tactical decision to justify military use of areas open to the public. It was also a strategic public relations decision, because green management strategies appli ed to the Military of Defense was a response to the population’s dislike of the pollution created (Fiott 2014). In this case, the military utilized green practices like recycling and proper disposal of wastes within their everyday functions. Chapter 11: â€Å"Three Reasons Why Companies Take the Greening of Management† Like the Military of Defense decision implemented within the United Kingdom, companies choose to green their management decisions to appeal to consumers. The MoD’s decision to use environmentally-friendlyShow MoreRelatedSupply Chain Management : Case Study869 Words   |  4 PagesMarch 2015 Supply Chain Management Tom Greening once said, All management begins with planning† (Tom Greening). Those who study and research supply chain management will agree that the aforementioned quote holds true in their field. Companies looking to reduce their costs and better their customer service often look to implement supply chain management. In order to effectively execute successful supply chain management one must acknowledge the importance of demand management, communication, collaborationRead MoreCis 517 - Case Study 11081 Words   |  5 PagesWeek 3 Case Study 1: Green Computing Research Project – Part 1 James Johnson IT Project Management – CIS 517 Dr. Howell July 31, 2012 As technology increases through massive changes it becomes apparent that the individual user must also make changes that are environmentally safe. Green IT, also known as Green Computing, is the movement towards a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective use of power and production in technology. The crux of Green IT is to double or triple theRead MoreGreen Affordable Housing Essay1516 Words   |  7 Pageshigh-performance, energy-efficient structures that improve comfort and health for resident, meanwhile, minimizing environmental impacts. Nevertheless, a common sense that green features is expensive and not suitable for affordable housing. Recent studies are showed that green buildings have a modest initial cost premium, but the long-term benefits far exceed the additional capital costs. For this report, I will introduce a financial analysis -Net Present Value (NPV), and discuss the impacts of NPVRead MorePerson-Organization Fit Theories1179 Words   |  5 Pagesagreem ent. In this study it was investigated whether CSR policies and business activities are decisive factors for prospective employees when choosing their first job. When the P-O fit works well, the employee will adjust rapidly in the organization, will be more satisfied with his/her job and eventually want to stay for a longer period in the organization (Chatman, 1989). However, when the P-O fit does not work well, dissatisfaction and de-motivation will occur. And in the worst-case scenario, theRead MoreDeveloping Sustainable Communities in Edinburghs South East Wedge1523 Words   |  6 Pages1. Deakin, M. (2003). Developing sustainable communities in Edinburghs South East Wedge: The settlement model and design solution. Journal of Urban Design 8(2): 137-148. The South East Wedge of Edinburgh is selected as a sample case study for understanding issues associated with planned urban development in sustainable communities. The South East Wedge was designed as a sustainable living area that could accommodate the citys growing population. Core features included a distinctive urban cultureRead MoreProduction Of The Automotive Industry966 Words   |  4 Pagesfive S’s, which will be standardizing. Also, this paper will also go into detail about how an automotive manufacturing company uses Single Minute Exchange Die, and some other aspects of lean manufacturing such as visual control and environmental management. Because lean manufacturing can be implemented in many different ways this paper is not to discuss that one option is better than another. However this paper will discuss how lean manufacturing has benefited the companies that have implementedRead MoreThe Best Cost Effective Stormwater Management1142 Words   |  5 PagesThe e asiest and most cost effective stormwater management has already been happening here in the metro area, which is rain barrels and rain cisterns. The Polk Soil and Water Conservation District, has fully indorsed the rain barrels and provides forms to order the rain barrels. They are the easiest and most cost efficient way for property owners to divert their stormwater runoff. The ease of Rain Barrels are that the rooftop downspouts are directed to a 55 gallon (usually) barrel that collectsRead MoreCost Effectively Retrofitting Multifamily Housing6408 Words   |  26 Pages10RQ1: What are the demographics of the green consumer? ? 12Description of Research ? 12Green Housing Consumers ? 13Green Multifamily Housing Amenities ? 14Cost Effectiveness and Benefits ? 16Retrofit Methods and Implementation Processes ? 18Case Studies ? 18ECO Modern Flats ? 20Woodhole Duplex ? 22Briarcliff Summit Apartments ? 24Analysis Limitations ? 26Conclusion ? 27References ? ? Table of Figures 21Figure 1 ECO Modern Flats Apartments (ECO Photo, 2016) ? 21Figure 2 ECO Modern Flats RainwaterRead MoreTechnological Aspects of Eco-Innovation746 Words   |  3 Pageseco-innovation, specifically the greening of the production process utilizing both simple and advanced cleaner production options that the majority of SMEs in newly-industrializing nations had consumed and disposed energy resources that contribute to the environmental degradation. Moreover, the establishment of AESIC is also to encourage sustainable production and improve management activities of SMEs that leads to green growth that includes cleaner production, sustainable management and also developmentRead MoreCis 580 Paradigmatic Software Development Term Paper2477 Words   |  10 PagesCIS 580 Paradigmatic Software Development Term Paper Aravind Thamizh Chelvan (01646372) Green IT This paper discusses the ethical and efficient usage of natural resources such that is does not affect the natural environment. Study and practice of using computer resources efficiently such that it reduces the impact on the environment. The global computing commerce has started to compete with the aviation industry in its own contribution to global warming. It is applicable in various tech domains like

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The True Diary Of A Part Time Indian - 1572 Words

People always say don’t judge a book by its cover, yet constantly, we all do it. We pick up a book and immediately, by instinct, we judge it by what we see. It is the same for all things in life. It is only human nature to judge things based on appearance. We look at how someone or something appears, and without even trying, we make assumptions or judge that thing, person, or situation. Throughout my semester in English 10A, I have come across many situations in which appearance affects the thoughts or lives of characters in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time-Indian, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Merchant of Venice, and our Holocaust Unit. The first book we read, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time-Indian, appearance definitely played a roll. The biggest factor was the white people judging the poor Indians. They all immediately assumed that someone like Junior, that was a poor Indian from the reservation, was automatically dumb and had no future ahead of him. Yes, in most cases this was true, but that does not mean every Indian is not capable of having a good future. Of course it was very rare, but the main reason for that was because when people saw them they immediately based their judgment on appearance. Like when Junior first went to Reardan High, all the kids stared at his beat up clothing and appearance and thought, why are you here? â€Å"They stared at me, the Indian boy with the black eye and swollen nose, my going-away gift from Rowdy. ThoseShow MoreRelatedThe True Diary Of A Part Time Indian1479 Words   |  6 PagesName Tutor Name Course Date Identity Crisis and Resolution in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian It is natural for every person that he finds himself in a conflicting situation where he thinks that he has no identity. In such a situation of crisis, he asserts himself through different means though it may be a bitter truth or he himself gets insult in response. Arnold in The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian faces the same situation, but he does not leave the truth. Whatever he hasRead MoreThe True Diary of a Part-Time Indian1009 Words   |  5 Pagesthink looking forward and trying to change a bad situation into a good one for having a better life is a wrong decision? The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian is a novel written by Sherman Alexie. The novel is about Arnold Spirit; everyone calls him Junior. He is a teenage boy with a tough life who lives with his family in poverty on a Spokane Indian reservation in Wellpinit, Washington. He hates living in poverty and wants something better for himself. â€Å"I feel like I might grow up toRead MoreThe Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian1296 Words   |  6 PagesIn Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (2007) a teenage boy named Junior, explains his struggle of breaking the cycle of his indigenous people and moving between an Indian American reservation (the ‘rez’) and a mainstream school in a town called Reardon. The protagonist explains, through first-person accounts, his life on the reservation and his experiences as he attempts to break the cycle of alcoholism and poverty that is imposed on him merely because he is an IndigenousRead MoreThe Absolutely True Diary Of The Part Time Indian1932 Words   |  8 Pageslifestyles, sexual situations, violence, and inappropriate behavior for the age it s been given to. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is one of those books and actually almost consists of all of the reasons most books are banned. The book is actually one, if not the most, challenged book in the United States. S herman Alexie s 2007 novel The Absolutely True Diary of the Part-Time Indian is considered a controversial novel because of it s demeaning references to alcohol, poverty, bullying,Read MoreThe Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian2462 Words   |  10 PagesAdolescence is a time of Changes Adolescents experience a multitude of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social, and mental changes during a short span of years in their developmental journey to adulthood, and this transition period is full of many developmental changes and milestones. Some typical changes and milestones in an adolescent’s life include puberty, learning to drive, dating, developing new social relationships and social roles, cognitive changes, becoming sexually active, obtainingRead MoreThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian799 Words   |  4 PagesThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian After reading the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I got a much better understanding of what that title means. When you think of part-time you normally think of having a part-time job when you only work some days but not all the time. Well that is a lot like the life of the main character in this story. Throughout the book, Junior manages to be â€Å"half Indian† and â€Å"half white.† He says â€Å" It was like being Indian was my job.†Read MoreThe Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Essay1409 Words   |  6 PagesNicolà ¡s Juà ¡rez â€Å"Each funeral was a funeral for all of us†: Notions of Race, Identity and Mortality in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian The American Indian occupies a unique place in the White American imaginary. Indians, one is told, are cordial, wise, poor in the â€Å"humble poverty† sort of way, brown, there assist whites with either mystic knowledge or humorous ignorance. Figures such as Squanto, Tonto and Disney’s Pocahontas along with a large smattering of WesternsRead MoreThe Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian1050 Words   |  5 PagesArnold/Junior Spirit is a fourteen year old Spokane Indian who lives on a small reservation in Washington state. In the book The Absolutely True Diary of a part-Time Indian, Junior leaves his reservation for a primary white school called Reardan to find hope. He struggles with friendships, family, basketball, school work and identity through the year. His experiences on and off the reservation, are constantly changing his beliefs to become less racist and more positive. For example, Junior beginsRead MoreThe Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian201 7 Words   |  9 PagesTrauma in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian In Sherman Alexie’s novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Alexie shows trauma in a realistic and believable way. He has characters experience traumatic events that stay with them and affect them for a long time, and change said characters in a significant way. He also shows characters who share a common trauma, but react differently - to the point where some characters experience trauma from a situation while others do notRead MoreThe Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian1267 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"I was born with water on the brain† (Alexie 1), Sherman Alexie starts his novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. His first sentence explains it all; the main character of his book, Arnold Spirit Junior, is not an ordinary boy. Junior was born with a rare condition called Hydrocephalus; it made him prone to seizures, brain damages and to get picked on and bullied. However, the same impairment makes him a fighter. He fights off his brain surgery, seizures and the bullies. He fights

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Frankenstein as God free essay sample

Some students and literary critics may argue that Victor does not â€Å"play God† in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. I disagree with this assumption. Mary Shelley makes us consider if something can be done does that mean that it should be done. Victor Frankenstein puts together human and animal pieces to make a single corpse. Although he does not specify how he then instills the corpse with life. Victor also shows human traits that are related to the concept of playing God such as pride, arrogance, and isolation or self-consumption. Victor Frankenstein becomes isolated as he is creating his monster. His laboratory is locked up in his apartment where he works on his creation day and night. He cuts off all forms of communication including his family and friends in Geneva to his professors and classes at The University of Ingolstadt. He gathers parts from dead bodies and parts from animals to create a human corpse. We will write a custom essay sample on Frankenstein as God or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Although he does not specify how, he instills life into the creature. Frankenstein immediately saw the bad side of the monster he created and abandoned it in the laboratory. Frankenstein couldn’t deal with the thought of being a creator. He couldn’t bear thinking of the monster even before he started his killing spree. One of Victor Frankenstein’s traits that portrayed him as God was his pride. When Victor was creating the monster all he could see was how beautiful and magnificent his creation was turning out. In the beginning of chapter five Victor states His limbs were in proportion, and I had selected his features as beautiful. Beautiful! Great God! His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath; his hair was of lustrous black, and flowing; He didn’t realize the gruesome aspect of the monster he created until he instilled it with life. Victor is only concerned about himself throughout the novel. He knows who the real murderer of William but will not tell anybody because he is afraid of what people might think of him if he tells them the truth. So he decides to keep it to himself even when more people are being murdered by his creation. Another trait that portrays Victor as God is his arrogance. Although he might claim that he was creating the monster to advance the uses of science or even for the betterment of humankind, he really created the monster out of his own arrogance. After creating the monster he said it was ugly and avoided it. Then after his creature started murdering innocent people he wanted to kill it. Even after he realized that it was his abandonment that had the monster bent on revenge.